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We did not provide reseller rights to anybody.
If you order HYIP Manager script at any other website, it means you are using pirated version of our script. Pirated versions are old scripts with many bugs and may have backdoors.
We do not provide any support for pirated versions.

HYIP Lister Script

HYIP Lister Script.


  • Any platform.
  • PHP 4.0.3 + zend optimizer.
  • MySQL database.

  • Design & Personalization:

  • Flexible template system allows you to easily change the design.
  • Customize your e-mails by including the members' name, e-mail, e-gold account, registration date and other information.

    Why it's Free:

  • Script costs you $0, our fee is only 10% of your site's traffic.
  • Buy PRO version to do not share traffic and get a lot of features. Click here to BUY PRO license

    HYIP Lister is a package for HYIP listings and monitoring sites. This software helps you to create and manage your own HYIP Listing site with ease.

    Download free HYIP Lister

    Some Features:

  • Listings groups (Premium, Trial, Free and other). Administrator can enable or disable any group.
  • Add, Edit, Approve or Decline listings.
  • After a site submission administrator receives a notification and should approve the site listing.
  • Info sections: Text Ads, Our Logo, New Listings, News, Payment systems, Partner Sites.
  • And many other features!
  • Free download:

  • Download the HYIP Lister now

  • Installation:

    1. Download the archive.
    2. Upload the files from the archive
        to your server.
        Upload all the files in BINARY mode only.
    3. Create a tmpl_c folder and set
        777 permissions for it.
    4. Run the install.php script and
        follow the instructions.

    Support fees for the HYIP Lister

  • Installation: $20 for the free version; free for the registered version.
  • Your custom design integration: starts from $300.
  • Unique design Creation and Integration: starts from $450.

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