HYIP Manager Pro Frequently Asked Questions

HYIP Manager script is a package for investment sites. This software helps you to create and manage your own HYIP with ease. The combination of price, features, performance and security are the best on the current market. Automatic deposit, withdrawal, instant payment and mass payment allows you save a lot of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy the script?
Order the script here.
After payment you will receive e-mail with link, login and password where you can download script archive, purchase/download templates and get installation instructions.
Note, we are accept Tron, USDT and Bitcoin.

How to make payment via my favorite payment method?
You can use a online exchange sites to change your funds to USDT or Bitcoin.

Can I run a copy of the script on two or more domains?
No. You are purchasing a license to use the script on one domain only. You should order an additional license for every next domain. We provide 15% discount for our customers: To get discount, please, login to Download Area using your login and password from your any previous purchase. On left side menu click "Discounts" and prolong purchase from this page. You will get 15% discount automatically.

Once my program has closed, can I reuse the script for another program?
If you start another program at the same domain - you can use the script again. If you use any other domain - order an additional license please.

Do you provide any discounts for additional licenses?
Yes, we provide a 15% discount for every additional license: To get discount, please, login to Download Area using your login and password from any previous purchase. On left side menu click "Discounts" and prolong purchase from this page. You will get 15% discount automatically.

Can I see a demo of the script before ordering it?
Yes, please visit our Demo page. You can see what are the members' area and admin area look like there.

How to get the script after I have bought it?
You can download it from our Download area.
You will be given the unique password for the download area as soon as you pay for the script on our order page.

Can I order an installation of the HYIP Manager script?
We install HYIP manager for free. Please request.

Can I redesign my copy of HYIP Script?
Yes, you can change the design for members' area with ease. You should edit HTML in template files located in "tmpl" folder of the script. Template files are PHP Smarty templates based.

How to find the hosting?
Note: we do not provide any hosting services.
First of all look through our requirements for the script you want to install carefully. The script won't work on the server that does not meet our requirements! Try any hosting provider that offers an appropriate hosting. If you are not sure whether it meets your needs, feel free to contact their support.

How to install the script by myself?
Please, carefully follow the instructions from our download area. For your convenience they are stated here:

1. Download the script zip archive from our download area http://www.goldcoders.com/download/.
2. Generate a license code for your domain. Note that if you will have to buy the additional license to change the domain. The script cannot be installed on any other domain than on the one you have the license for.
3. Upload the files from the archive to your server. Upload the files in binary mode only.
4. Set 777 permissions for the 'tmpl_c' folder.
5. Run the install.php script and follow the instructions. For example:

How to install the script if I get the following error ...?
Parse error: parse error, unexpected '}' in /home/domain/public_html/install.php on line 13
or the following page:

You have the hosting which doesn't meet one of our requirements - ionCube Loader is not installed for your PHP.
Contact your hosting administrator for the ionCube Loader installation or change the hosting to the appropriate one.

How to make the script work if I get the following error ... ?
Fatal error: Unable to read 6975(any number) bytes in /[path_to_the_script]/[any file].php on line 0 [any number]
or similar. Please, read the installation instructions carefully and upload the script files in the BINARY mode.

How to set the 777 (or any other) permissions to any folder?
It depends on your ftp client.
The easiest way for you is to login to your control panel, find 'File Manager' and change permissions with this 'File Manager' (if you have such option).
Also you can type 'chmod 777 tmpl_c' in your ftp client if it has a command line.

If you are using CuteFTP, read this document:

How to ask us to install the script?
So provide us with your FTP info (host/login/password) and MySQL info (database/host/user/password) via the Contact Form and ask for the installation.
If you do not know whether do you have the MySQL database or if you do not know how to create it please provide us with your CPanel login info.
We'll make the installation for free. But if you break something in your script or have any other problems with not our fault, the reinstallation will cost you $20.

How to find out my FTP and MySQL login info or CPanel login?
You can usually find this info in the first e-mail you receive when purchasing the hosting.
Just contact your hosting provider if you have any problems finding the hosting access info.

How to update the script?
1. Download the latest HYIP manager archive and upload
  - php files
  - /inc/ folder
to your site in the binary mode.
2. Check the "tmpl" folder and upload all the new files (you can refer to the date property to check the file's newness).
Try to avoid any user's access to your site during the update procedure.

How to make a license key for the domain even if it has not been updated around the internet?
You can make a license key for any domain. But if your site is currently accessible only from the IP address and you want to manage and work with your script installed on this domain the following is to be done:
you should enter the string:
"your host name" "your IP"
for example
in the file c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts
After that feel free to make license for your domain (megamegahyip.com in our example).
You will be able to work with your domain.

How to order the design or a banner?
If you want to choose the pre-made template from our site then first of all you should buy script and activate your license by entering the domain you will use HYIP Manager on.
Then you will be able to choose one (or several) of our pre-built templates. You can use our free template or buy a paid one. Download it and upload all files from an archive to your host where you have installed the script.
You can order us a custom unique design and/or banner you want any time. You can even do it before you buy the script. The custom design service will cost you starting from $300. You should provide us with a basic info about the design you want us to create (images you want, colors banner text and format and etc.) via the e-mail contact@goldcoders.com and we'll calculate the cost and the time we need to finish the job.
We'll start the job as soon as we receive payment.

How to change the wording or the design by myself?
Feel free to modify the .css file and any .tpl file in the /tmpl/ folder with your favorite html editor to make the user and the general areas suit your needs.
You cannot change or modify the .php files, they are encoded.
We do not pass or distribute our scripts' source to our customers in any way for the security reasons. So if you want to make any changes to the script you'll have to order this job from us.

How to make payment for the script upgrade, banner or template?
Please, make payment and provide us with the batch ID of the appropriate transaction to our account.

How to get the information about the www.anyhyip.net or other HYIP site that I am member of?
We provide online support for our scripts only. We are the script developers. Try to contact HYIP monitor sites (HotHYIPs for example) or other related professionals.

How to get the money back the HYIP running on your script owes me?
Sorry, but we cannot help you. The build a script, but it works just as the HYIP Administrator sets it up. We are the script developers, not HYIP authorities or owners nor legal experts so we have nothing to do with payments and such. You can ask the knife maker - the server system developer for help equally well
Besides, we provide online support for our scripts only. So please, contact the corresponding HYIP administrator or owner or the appropriate legal experts.

Can you help me with third party script installation?
Yes, you should provide us with your script installation archive and we will quote price for installation.

HYIP Manager does not currently offer all the features I need, so can it be modified?
Yes, if the current script does not meet your requirements, please contact us. As your needs change, we will be happy to help you evaluate those needs and offer you the services that will help you achieve your new goals. Usually we rebuild the script in 2-7 days, but huge changes can take more time.

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